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Rodenstock Rodagon

The lens type Rodagon with brilliant reproduction over the whole scale range of conventional enlargers, has become the universal workhorse of both demanding amateurs and professionals in practical use.

The 6 element design guarantees the resolution of the finest details while maintaining a uniformly high contrast from the picture centre to the edges.

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As the lens is nearly independent with regard to scale, top quality is ensured from mini-prints right up to high enlargements.

The recommended working aperture is reached by stopping down by only 2 stops.

The Rodagon already meets the high demands of processing photography. A number of photographers use the models with shorter focal lengths in conjunction with suitable adaptors together with reflex camers for high quality photos in extrme close-ups.

All Rodagon lenses are equipped with click-stop diaphragms which can be disabled for focal lengths from 28 mm to 135 mm and all lenses are provided with a pre-set aperture.


Description Price
Rodenstock Rodagon 105mm
Order Code: 08-114
Rodenstock Rodagon 135mm
Order Code: 08-115
Rodenstock Rodagon 150mm
Order Code: 08-116
Rodenstock Rodagon 180mm
Order Code: 08-117
Rodenstock Rodagon 210mm
Order Code: 08-118
Rodenstock Rodagon 240mm
Order Code: 08-119
Rodenstock Rodagon 28mm
Order Code: 08-109
Rodenstock Rodagon 300mm
Order Code: 08-120
Rodenstock Rodagon 35mm
Order Code: 08-110
Rodenstock Rodagon 360mm
Order Code: 08-121
Rodenstock Rodagon 50mm
Order Code: 08-111
Rodenstock Rodagon 60mm
Order Code: 08-112
Rodenstock Rodagon 80mm
Order Code: 08-113