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DE VERE Enlargers

DeVere, the sole suppliers of the world’s leading range of robust, professional enlargers

Odyssey Sales acquired the DE VERE Company in 1995 and the long tradition of quality manufacturing with innovation, robustness and back-up service continues.

Odyssey has a wide selection of refurbished DE VERE enlargers and spare parts are available for all machines up to 30 years old.

The De Vere enlarger range includes vertical and horizontal models, supporting negative sizes from 35mm to 15″x12″.

Manual, auto-focus and closed loop systems are available.

Many of the DE VERE products have now been adapted to accept digital technology.

Odyssey currently manufactures the DE VERE enlarger range, consisting of a full Digital enlarger accepting all digital input media output on to photographic paper using traditional enlarging methods.

Digital copy cameras based on the 480 and the Copy Framework are also produced with digital scanning backs for recording, archiving and general copying on to digital files.

For more information please contact our sales team or visit de-vere.com the official DE VERE website.

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