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De Vere 508H Enlarger

The De Vere Horizontal 508H has been designed as a universal mural Enlarger that will work like the vertical model negatives from 35mm to 8″x 10″.

This Enlarger is the first of the Horizontal range of Enlarger, and like the Vertical range uses an extremely ridged means of construction, giving the operator a firm base and ensuring conformity.

The horizontal chassis contains all its controls and motors within the chassis, with the systems designed for ease of use and ease of access.The focusing lens stage and chassis are motor driven.The negative stage is of a stronger construction and incorporates a four way masking unit. With use of an adapter carriers, all negative sizes from 8×10″” right down to the small roll film size. A registration carrier is also available.


The Motorised unit runs on four matching wheels with the two rear wheels driven. It is operated by a hand control using finger tip sensitive switches for forward and reverse movement with fine adjustments for focusing. The hand control is connected cable with the chassis.

The chassis incorporates a micro processor timer with a digital readout which can be pre-set an incorporates a count down warning device.Other functions incorporated in this chassis are a stabilised power supply, main control focusing switch on/off, a keyboard illumination switch and Repro facility.

At any time the Enlarger can be converted into a “Repro Camera” by the use of a copy adapter unit. Into this unit can be fitted either 8″x 10″, 5″x 7″ or 4″x 5″ backs accepting standard double dark slides. Roll film holders can be fitted into the 5″x 4″ back to copy onto 120mm roll film. The chassis can be supplied on its own with a copy back as a stand-alone Repro unit

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De Vere 508H Horizontal Enlarger Colour
Order Code: 01-120
Refurbished De Vere 508H
Order Code: R-1021
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