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Thermaphot ACP 305

Model ACP 305BWD 12 inch 5-bath processor with water wash, infra red dryer Model ACP 305BWDVR As ACP 305 BWD with variable speed and automatic replenishment by infra red sensor. Model ACP 305 BSDVR As above with stabiliser in place of water wash.

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Ideal when running water is not available.


Description Price
Refurbished Therma-Phot ACP 300
Order Code: R-1051
B-Grade: Refurbished Product
Refurbished Therma-Phot ACP 305
Order Code: R-1050
B-Grade: Refurbished Product
Therma-Phot ACP 305BSDVR
Order Code: 07-105
Therma-Phot ACP 305BWD
Order Code: 07-106
Therma-Phot ACP 305BWDVR
Order Code: 07-108