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Rodenstock Apo Rodagon-N

The apochromatically corrected high-performance lenses of the Apo-Rodagon-N series guarantees perfect results which will satisfy the highest demands.

The correction up to 8 element lenses was taken to the absolute limits and so ensures the full elimination of irritating visible colour fringes on high-contrast borders. All monochromatic imaging errors have also been greatly reduced to give this lens type its unsurpassed image reproduction performance.

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The advantages are clearly visible in both colour and black and white enlargements. The Apo-Rodagon-N is therefore the amateur’s and professional’s first choice whenever the very highest reproduction quality is required.

The optimal working aperture is reached by stopping down by only 1 to 2 stops.

All Apo-Rodagon-N models have a click-stop diaphragm and an illuminated aperture display. Up to focal length 150 mm they also offer a pre-set aperture and allow the click-stop to be disengaged for stepless control.


Description Price
Rodenstock Apo Rodagon-N 105mm
Order Code: 08-127
Rodenstock Apo Rodagon-N 150mm
Order Code: 08-128
Rodenstock Apo Rodagon-N 45mm
Order Code: 08-122
Rodenstock Apo Rodagon-N 50mm
Order Code: 08-123
Rodenstock Apo Rodagon-N 75mm
Order Code: 08-124
Rodenstock Apo Rodagon-N 80mm
Order Code: 08-125
Rodenstock Apo Rodagon-N 90mm
Order Code: 08-126