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Rodenstock Rodagon-WA

The Rodagon-WA has a shorter focal length and a large angle of view and achieves a 70% larger projection area than conventional enlarging lenses with standard focal lengths. It is therefore eminently suitable for section enlargements on units with short columns. Clumsy wall or floor projections can so be avoided.

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Thanks to the shorter projection distance the negative carrier and the filter adjustment controls can still be operated easily when high enlargements are required.

The 6 element Rodagon-WA provides the same reproduction performance as the Rodagon lens type.

The recommended working aperture is reached by stopping down by 2 stops.

All Rodagon_WA models have click-stop rings and an illuminated f/stop display. The models from 40 to 80 mm focal length have a pre-setting diaphragm and allows the click-stop to be disabled for infinite adjustment.


Description Price
Rodenstock Rodagon-WA 120mm
Order Code: 08-132
Rodenstock Rodagon-WA 40mm
Order Code: 08-129
Rodenstock Rodagon-WA 60mm
Order Code: 08-130
Rodenstock Rodagon-WA 80mm
Order Code: 08-131